Monday, August 23, 2010

Rasvanti - Brings old memories

I first came across ‘Rasvanti’ in Dewas, Indore where I went for spending summer holidays with my grand father. I was fascinated by the total atmosphere there. A small covered area, with water sprinkled every where to ward off summer heat to serve cool iced glass of sugarcane juice was called Rasvani. There was no special name for sugar cane juice stalls in the area where I used to stay. So naturally as a small child I used to love going to Rasvanti.
During my stay at Mauritius, albeit all round sugarcane, I could not find a single juice stall, as all the sugarcane goes to sugar factory in Mauritius.
Yesterday while going to Shani Shignapur, a place around 75 Km from Shirdi, our driver stooped the vehicle at a place and asked us to take juice etc if we like. I got down and after seeing the name Rasvanti, many memories returned in my mind. I was also fascinated by the way, the juice was being extracted. All must have seen the electric operated or hand operated machine used to extract juice but near Shani Shignapur, I found peculiar machines driven by bull.

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